postheadericon Why Is Love Important In Life

The world is undergoing massive upheaval and social change. There are experts who tell you that global warming will destroy natural habitats, and that land mass will decrease with rising tides. Conflict is in the headlines every day and our leaders take us in directions that feel dangerous and unsettling.

Now more than any other time, you have the opportunity to change the world around you in the way people live and coexist.

Does that sound possible? Just one person out of the billions on this planet has the capacity to effect such change?

It is absolutely possible. With love in your heart, anything is possible. You have the potential to affect entire communities, change people’s lives, bring people together.

It just takes one person.

When you open your heart and live from your heart, you honour others with the respect that comes from acknowledging their right to be. You impose no condition or restriction on the way they live or how they relate to you. By being open and feeling love towards all people, you create a space for communication and connection rather than confronting others with doubt, fear, prejudice, ignorance, and creating barriers that force people and communities apart.

Love is everywhere. It’s in the supermarket as you stand in line with those too tired or too stressed to be polite, and you help them with their load. It’s in the traffic jam when someone starts honking their horn out of frustration and impatience, and you let them cut in front of you because there’s no kindness in making them even more stressed than they already are. It’s in the workplace where people gossip and backbite and you understand the pain and unhappiness they must be feeling to act in such a way.

Love allows you the freedom to treat others with kindness and compassion.

And in these difficult times, love conquers fear and mistrust, and gives you courage. Knowing in your heart that you act and speak with love will dissolve all prejudice and suspicion. How can you truly fear anyone whom you love, and how can you be afraid of standing up for principles of justice and rights when you’re guided by the clear, inner voice of truth?

You have the capacity to show others quite how powerful the energy of love can be.

You can make a difference.

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