postheadericon What To Do When You Are Dating A Shy Man

There is something exciting and mysterious about a shy man. You may find that you are very attracted to him, and then nothing. Shy men can be hard to figure out if you don’t know what your doing. A lot of women assume that the man just is not interested, but generally this is not the case. Remember? He’s shy!

So, you’re dating a shy guy and you find that you just cannot relate to his introverted nature. Instead of balking at his shyness, embrace it! Let the guy know that you appreciate his personality because it shows that he is real and not full of arrogance and ignorance like other people. Let him know that while he is quiet that you find what he does have to say is always very profound and that is why you like him so much. This is a great way to build up his confidence and get him to start opening up to you despite his shy disposition.

Take an interest in who he is aside from the shyness. If he has a hobby that he shares with you, ask him a lot of questions about it and show him that you are interested. When he feels like you have accepted this one aspect of his life he may feel an instant kinship with you that will allow him to open up and leave that shy behind. Behind every shy exterior is usually a very interesting interior, you just have to work to get him to show you that part of himself. Taking a true interest in him and what he does will help you see that part of him.

When you date someone shy you need to be comfortable being yourself. If you come across as totally fake than he will be less likely to open up and allow you to get to know who he is under all that shyness. Be comfortable just being you, share the odd things about you, share things with him about your life, what you like. As you show him who you are, he will probably feel more comfortable showing you who he is. You may be amazed to find that he is so much more intelligent, charming, and just well rounded than you ever would have imagined. Being yourself with a shy guy is a huge pay off!

Don’t force him into social situations until he is ready. Many women finally get their shy guy to open up to them and they want to take him out to a party with friends. If he is not outgoing in social situations you may need to give him a bit more time just being open with you before he’ll have a good time hanging out with your friends. Remember, he’s shy and you need to have him feel 100% comfortable with you before you can assume that he is going to open up to any of your friends.

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