postheadericon The Dangers of Settling when You Feel Unfulfilled in the Relationship

Despite what the cartoons might have us believe, love potions do not exist. Love is not something that can be constructed in a laboratory, although it is part chemistry. When your heart beats deeply for someone it’s an uncontrollable feeling and when you’re not in love with someone, there is nothing you can do to change that.

For many different reasons, a lot of people tend to settle for a mate even though they’re not fully attracted or “into” the person. Choosing a mate is not like making a choice between , the consequences of choosing someone that you are not and don’t feel that you can ever be in love with are life altering and emotionally damaging. Take a look at a few of the dangers of settling for a mate, as presented by .

1.Live a life feeling unfulfilled If your mate does not satisfy you, you will always feel like there is something missing in your relationship. Maybe there is an important part of you that your mate cannot relate to and this will make you feel incomplete. This feeling of not being fulfilled will not go away.

2.Resenting your partner If who you are with is no who you want to be with, you will start to resent your partner to no fault of theirs. Because you’re not happy or fulfilled in your relationship, you may blame your mate, but it’s not their fault; it’s your own. You may grow an unnecessary disdain for even the smallest things they do, simply because you know deep down in your heart, you no longer want to be with them.

3.Lash out unexpectedly Harboring deep seated feelings such as knowing that you’ve settled for someone can cause you to lash out unexpectedly. Something as small as them forgetting to reserve your or not taking out the trash may drive you up the wall with frustration and it’s just because you’re not completely satisfied with them.

4.Patronizing your mate Settling to be with someone you really don’t want to be with is not fair to the other person. If you’re not completely happy with your mate, you’ll be unable to give them the genuine love and affection they deserve. There may be someone else out there who can and would love to love them unconditionally, but keeping your mate in a relationship that you don’t want to be in will keep both you and them from experiencing true happiness in a relationship.

Unlike , life offers no guarantees, but staying true to what your heart wants is sure to place you in a more fulfilling relationship than settling for someone you’d rather not be with.

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