postheadericon Men And Women Deal With Conflict In A Relationship Differently

It’s an undeniable fact that men and women are different in how they think and react to situations. This includes how we deal with conflict in a relationship, whether it’s dating or marriage. Unfortunately these differences can make things worse during conflict because neither side understands how the opposite sex thinks.

The best course of action can be seeing a marriage counselor or seeking relationship advice if dating. A counselor will be able to moderate the conflict and explain how men and women thinking these situations. Some studies show that many young couples that have been together for only a few months will avoid intimacy and dependency on the other during times of conflict.

Higher levels of anxiety were also exhibited that concerned being rejected or abandoned. It has been seen that those with more secure feelings about themselves had lower levels of anxiety and reacted differently as a result.

What was discovered by researchers, was that women who were more of the avoidant type showed very little changes while in men the reaction was more noticeable. Women are most likely to try to guide the conversations while trying to bring conflict to an end. They are the ones that are trying to get the situation resolved.

Women can actually show high levels of cortisol during a confrontational situation but the levels will drop after the situation is resolved. This drop may be because that getting the situation resolved may be more satisfying physiologically. Men were just as anxious to quickly resolve conflict but they can actually be more passive.

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