postheadericon Make A Guy Fall In Love Decoding Male Psychology And Understanding Him

Have you found a man who you just really want to fall in love with you? Would you like to know what makes a guy fall in love every time? Are you in a relationship where you wish a guy would just get past the getting to know you stage and fall madly in love with you? Well, keep reading, because you are about to learn what makes a guy fall in love with you and thank his lucky stars that he found you

The first thing that you need to understand is that men are just like women when it comes to this: They love to fall in love. Not for the same reasons you do. For a man, being in love makes him feel bulletproof. Like he can take on the world and win. So how can you become the woman who makes him feel this way?

Well, here are a few quick tips which you can begin to put to work for you immediately:

Do something nice that he does not expect
This does not have to be any one big thing. In fact, it is better that it not be so that you don scare him off. Just something like a note on his car or tucked into his pocket. Something which is not initiated by some kind of occasion but just to show that you are thinking about him. As minor as this seems it will be a complete breath of fresh air to him, he will not forget it.

Give the relationship a chance to develop some depth
Men have generally been taught that sex is the most socially acceptable way to bond with a woman. Keeping sex out of the relationship long enough for a strong emotional bond to form in its place will allow your relationship to reach a much deeper level, very fast.

Take your time and enjoy the process
When it comes to knowing what makes a guy fall in love, one principle is of key importance: Slow is fast and fast is slow. Take your time to let the relationship develop naturally instead of trying to reel him in. Men do not like being pressured into a serious relationship before they are emotionally ready. You have to understand that their attachments take longer to form. If you try to move them along too fast you will only create more distance between you.

Once you understand what makes a guy fall in love, you can put these into practice and let the rest just happen the way that it is supposed to. This may require some patience on your part. Mainly because when it comes to bonding men move much slower than you do. Take your time and before you know it he will be crazy about you and wanting to move things forward himself.

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