postheadericon Improve Your Relationship with Intimacy.

Every feel like you’re just fumbling around in bed and not quite sure if what you’re doing is really working? Does your partner sigh after it’s all said and done? Are you or your partner crying silent tears afterwards? Have you lost that intimacy you once had?

If you said yes to any of the above and could easily add to list with your own mishaps and embarrassments in bed than you’re not alone. Unfortunately most people don’t seem to be able to have the movie scene type of experience in bed. Let’s be honest, those actors probably have to do quite a few takes to get a few steamy looking scenes that have been edited together like nobody’s business.

So is there no such thing as hot, steamy, love-making? Of course there is. It just takes a little bit of work. A little bit of studying and practice. The more you learn and practice the more you want to learn and practice. That’s just the way it is. The less you practice the more you want to go to sleep.

Don’t risk future embarrassment and losing your partner because you’re not fulfilling their basic needs. Put in a little effort and I guarantee it will go a long way.

First, learn techniques on how to be romantic and how to keep the romance alive. Romance – it’s a new word for a lot of people, especially men. It’s the little and big gestures that make your partner feel appreciated and loved. It’s what makes them feel like the most important woman or guy in your life. Tip- it’s more romantic when it comes from the heart, not when you make it into an obvious obligation.

Second, do your research. Find out different techniques on how to impress in the bedroom. There’s a lot of information out there that has been researched and proven to work. That’s why they call it the art of lovemaking; because it’s an art, not a quick chore.

Lastly, share what you’ve learned with your partner but don’t constantly remind them that this is what you’ve learned through your research. It will be much sexier if you just surprise your partner with your new knowledge and let them be wowed and join in on the fun.

So if you really want to transform your relationship, whether it be taking it up a notch, putting a notch on it, or fixing it all together; get some serious techniques that work and then jump into action.

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