postheadericon How To Get Rid Of Love Handles In 30 Seconds

Despite the term, there is not much to love about love handles. Both men and women face the common problem of bulging around the middle. And let’s face it, most people in different cultures value men and women who are lean and fit. We prefer that both sexes have lean sides and flat stomachs. However, the reality is that many of us don’t reach this ideal.

With diet and exercise most we can obtain washboard abs with time. While that is a lofty goal to achieve, we want instant gratification – or at the very least, the ability to fit into a new form fitting dress or men’s shirt. So here’s the secret to getting rid of love handles instantly: it’s all in the way you dress.

When one thinks about the problem logically, dressing properly seems like such a simple solution. Admit it, we see fashion disasters walking down the street everyday as people who wear too tight jeans tend to create a muffin top effect of making the fat bulges rise. If people would just learn to dress themselves better, they would realize they have a body they can be proud of. While it won’t be model thin quality, who would want to live a life being on a restricted diet or spend countless hours at the gym for vanity and not for health reasons?

So how does one dress to flatter their figure when they are a fashion illiterate? The most important thing in your wardrobe is proper underwear. That is right; the humble underwear in which no one can see is the foundation piece of your wardrobe. It should come as no surprise as historically women of yesteryears have been shaping their bodies with corsets and girdles. Gradually, the practice of wearing binding underwear lessened but due to cyclical fashion resurgence, the popularity of slimming underwear and shapewear is on the rise again. This is the secret to looking thin.

By wearing slimming underwear, men and women can knock inches off the waist in 30 seconds which is about the time it would take you to wear one. And if there is any worry that shapewear is a medieval torture contraption, you can rest assured that the textile fabrics have changed dramatically since those days. Nowadays, slimming underwear is made from spandex, lycra or nylon.

By wearing shapewear, you’ll be amazed how your love handles go away instantly!

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